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Concert with Orchestra- Sold Out !! – “The Gospel According to Nehemiah”

La Filarmonica “G Andreoli” diretto dal M° Gianni Malavasi Concerto Sold Out  –Nehemiah H. Brown e The Florence Gospel Choir School oramai attivo attraverso molteplici formazioni sin dal 1996.  Sotto la tutela del Maestro Brown si sono esibiti in numerosi concerti  dove hanno dato vita all’autentico stile Gospel, Spirituals e alla Musica Afro-Americana in Italia, Germania, Olanda, Portogallo ed Ungheria.  Per […]

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Senior Pastor Nehemiah H. Brown

The Florence Gospel Fellowship International, Florence Italy is pleased to announce the appointment of the Rev. Nehemiah H, Brown as Senior Pastor.  Rev. Brown is a San Francisco State University graduate and co-founder of the Florence Gospel Choir School, Florence Italy.  He re-located to Florence, Italy to pursue  Italian language studies at the University of Florence.  He had having worked […]

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The Beauty Around Us


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Soul Food Italian Cooking – “From the Fields to The Table”…Coming Soon in English and Italian.


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International Cuisine: Spaghetti, Fruit, Insalate, Potato Salad, Pizza, Gnocchi di patate.

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Global Cuisine

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Intervista with Nehemiah H. Brown


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Man in the push-up position on the floor of his home.(BlackDoctor.org) — Let’s face it: the gym isn’t for everybody. For some it’s the cost that hinders its appeal, and for others it’s the atmosphere. But the good news is that you don’t need a health club membership to get in shape. There are a lot of exercises you can […]

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Jefferson School – African American Heritage Center, Charlottesville,VA – Future MAAC Program


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Nehemiah H Brown & The Blue LIght Band

“I feel good” – concerto di Capodanno a MonteriggioniQuando: 01 gennaio 15.30 h Mercoledì 1 gennaio 2014, alle 15.30, presso il castello di Monteriggioni si terrà il concerto “I feel good”, di Nehemiah H. Brown & The Jazz Singers con i Blue Light Band. Il concerto propone un viaggio nell’eta’ d’oro della musica nera americana, ripercorrendo la storia dei grandi […]

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