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Geneva Gospel Choir, Switzerland / Rhine Main Community Choir – Germany


GENEVA GOSPEL CHOIR 2019_nGeneva Gospel Choir - March 2-4, 2018The Character of Black Gospel Music: Gospel music incorporates distinctly African American traditions of performance and worship, reflecting the character of African American spirituality. The essence of gospel performance is participation. Gospel singers employ a wide range of vocal techniques and colorings to make their music emotionally compelling and to draw their listeners in. As is true in jazz and blues, gospel musicians stress expressive range over tonal purity. They puntuate their singing with growls, dips, slides, blue notes, moans, and falsetto effects – techniques that would not seem musical to anyone schooled in the conventions of European classical music. As in jazz and blues, gospel music highlights individual expression through improvised, spontaneous creation.

(Africana: the Encyclopedia of African and African American Experience -Kwane Anthont Appiah, Henry Louis Gates Jr.)

The Geneva Gospel Choir – co-founded (2014) by Maestro Nehemiah H. Brown and Christine Housel is a project choir the meets 3-4 time a year. The Rhine Main Community Choir is another project choir co-founded with Christine Melcher (2011) in Bad Homburg, Germany. From a three day Workshop where African American vocal Technique and gospel Training was explored, this group has grown to about 40 elements from the Geneva, Switzerland community and around 20 in the Bad Homburg/ Frankfurt Germany area. They a very diverse religiously, racially and culturally with member from 4 continents. We work hard, smile a lot, laugh a lot, pray and share meals and fellowship together, tea & coffee time and most of all sing High Praises and Gospel to the Lord, since their inception.  Our goal is to “Celebrate Jesus!”

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