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Architoni: Photographic Images by Eusebio De Cristofaro


eusebio stoop foto

Eusebio recita

Architect, graphic designer. Art director of the Florence Gospel Choir School, African American music and culture in Florence. Poetry and Voice actor.
“This is the Day”  – Photographic Images by Eusebio De Cristofaro  Feb. 23, 2018 Via della Spada, 47/R, 50123 Firenze FI, Italy

IMAGES – MUSIC – POETRY And here’s the story, the mark left in the white pages, the memory of that plan, moving his feet, finds the way, is at that point that the story begins, unspecified time …. In the exhibition “This is the Day,” Architect Eusebio de Cristofaro creates “Life-shoots”. With the camera he captures various moments in the life of people or places and freezes that moment in time. One might say that all photography does that but with closer examination you see that people are not posing. There’ s also the feeling that time was stopped for a moment so that we can study or reflect on the event. Through the view of the architect he quickly establishes balance in the frames with respect to color, space and composition and with the help of Instagram, he creates a picture in an instant the characteristic quality of a Norman Rockwell or Gordon Parks and many other great photographers From the Tower of the Castle in Bad Homburg to the bus ride by small boy, we are invited to see what is not there. The sensation of the gaze at the imposing height of the tower above everything or the joy of a boy from Senegal on a simple afternoon ride in the City Center in Florence, Italy with his teacher, a time dedicated exclusively to him. Architect De Cristofaro, invites us to slow down and drink the wine of the moment, experience the fragrance of the flower now, in this moment or watch tenderly the man sitting holding his head in his hand waiting for the train maybe depressed, praying, tired or just relaxing. This is the day, the moment, in the story…Set to music and the spoken word.

I am an artist, poetry, voice actor, and writer. You can also find me here. I’ve told 2 stories.

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